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Safety Not Guaranteed

Honestly I had forgotten why I even started writing this blog. I’ve tried so many times to build myself an online presence; but I never really do get my own point. It’s not about forcing content to come out of me. So what if a year goes by without a post? The point is to write about stuff I’m passionate about, and lately I’ve felt too busy to be truly passionate about some stuff.

That’s o.k.! That’s the point of life; peaks and valleys. That said, today I found something to be passionate enough about that I figured it was worth sharing. If you haven’t seen a movie called Safety Not Guaranteed then lets leave it at I loved it and stop reading, I do highly recommend you check it out though.

About this movie. I can’t tell you how many times I watch a movie and 10 minutes into it the whole thing is clear as day. My friends hate me (slightly) for ruining how movies are going to end. I’m wrong 3 out of 100 times, and those three movies are my favorite kind to experience. Yet, somehow, this movie was different, it was the 101st time, a movie where I didn’t really know the end, I knew that there were two possible endings and I was rooting for one (how many commas can I put in one sentence?).

I’m cynical about movies and the whole time I thought, it’ll be some cop out where the guy is crazy and I’m disappointed in the end. Yet the more the characters built up and got to know each other, the more you found the inherent good in people regardless of how strange and out of place they seemed; the more I hoped that for once the good guy could win. That the nice guy could be right.

Odd, it’s normally really disappointing for the nice guy to win. It truly is. We always know when they’re going to win. Of COURSE the X-Men win, OF COURSE Superman wins, OF COURSE they fall in love at the end of [insert Nicholas Sparks movie]. The trick is to make it highly unlikely for the good guy to win, to make it a gift from a writer with guts for the good guy to win. I promise that somehow, magically, the writers in this movie did it.

If you read this far and haven’t seen it I’m sorry but I already stole the win from you, you’ll know what I mean. I’d still watch it though if I were you. I’m going to watch it again, it’s good to have that passionate sci-fi nerd in me woken up again, and not even by a sci-fi movie. Odd indeed.


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