Safety Not Guaranteed

Honestly I had forgotten why I even started writing this blog. I've tried so many times to build myself an online presence; but I never really do get my own point. It's not about forcing content to come out of me. So what if a year goes by without a post? The point is to write about stuff I'm passionate about, and lately I've felt too busy to be truly passionate about some stuff. That's o.k.! That's the point of life; peaks and valleys. That said, today I found something to be passionate enough about that I figured it was … [Read More]


In 2012 there has been more change than a CoinStar machine sees

Wow, 2012 has been a year full of surprises and changes. I honestly can't imagine any more happening. Most of the way through November and so far this year I've turned 30, gotten divorced, lost some friends in the divorce, met somebody new, learned who my real friends are, refinanced my house, refinanced my car, put my … [Read More...]

Wicked Lasers Krypton

These lasers are WICKED, and I must have one

It's not often I find a toy that I have dreams about owning. If you haven't had this kind of dream before let me lay one on you real quick. I'm in the jungle, running as fast as I can. I'm not sure what's chasing me but it is HUGE. Looks like something between a Dragon and Cheddar cheese. Certain death is upon me, … [Read More...]

Getting the most out of your Google searches

How to get the most out of your Google searches

This infographic is absolutely amazing. Learn everything you need to know about Google, especially if you're a student. There really isn't more I can say about it. Please check it out, print it, do whatever you need. Pin it to the wall!! I have to tell you, it's honestly hard to find content this good and this straight forward. There is nothing in this infographic that you can't use to learn tricks you never would have guessed about Google. For instance; did you know you can … [Read More...]

My new secret stalker

Fiverr, how five bucks got me a very scary new stalker

Meet my new stalker, he's very scary and the video below proves it. How did he learn about my blog? How did he learn so much about me? In this incredibly disturbing video I come to find out that this person, who supposedly fell in love with me through Facebook then Googled me and knows this blog exists, knows my home address and has plans to visit me.... TONIGHT! The answer to how this malevolent creep got my information (he actually does name … [Read More...]


The well-intentioned computer “friend” may be steering you wrong…

We've all got one, that nerdy friend who can help you with any technology issue you can dream of. From a computer virus to your car stereo this guys seems to know it all. For oh so many people I am him. So, as that guy, let me tell you something honest, I DO NOT KNOW EVERYTHING!! Sometimes I can mess around, do a couple quick and nerdy Google searches and help you find the answer to your problems. Sometimes, I really do know, after all, technology is what I do, in general terms. If you went … [Read More...]