Rory McIlroy PGA Golf Review – Dear EA You Suck

I bought the new Rory PGA game this weekend and I want to share how unbelievably disappointing it was to play it. I’m shocked that the title player even allowed you to put this out with his name on it. Let me run you through a few specific issues with the game, maybe somebody will notice and address in an update.


The way you structured the menus took me quite a bit of time to figure out, why? you don’t have any on screen indication that there are more menus to the right on the main screen. So when I tried to change the gameplay type to full rounds instead of quick rounds I had to go online to figure out that if I kept hitting right on the joystick more menus would show up. If you’re going to have non-visible elements please ensure the user can easily tell how to access them.

Rory Facts:

Did anyone review these facts and the way they were written? At least one of them (I think I’ve only seen four or so) the language makes no sense. I didn’t write it down but it reads something like “At 20 years old Rory was the youngest person since Tiger Woods to win X tournament under the age of 21” but you don’t need “Under the age of 21” in that sentence, it makes no sense, and you already explained he was 20 when it happened. He’s either the youngest since Tiger or not, but the extra piece is just bad language usage.


If you couldn’t get these guys to spend more time in the studio why not just find sound-a-like voices or other people instead. There’s no way you’ve got more than a few hours of audio recorded for each, which sounds great to the people doing the recording but when you play this game for 12 hours it very quickly gets unbelievably repetitive. I get it, I have the “touch of a plumber” with the putts. Except, and here’s my biggest issue with the announcers, at least 20% of the time what they say does not apply to the context at all, I mean zero. They’ll tell me I’m putting for birdie when I’m 5 over, they’ll tell me I’m putting for par when I’m putting for birdie, they’ll say I hit a nice drive when it went out of bounds or that it’s out of bounds when I put it in the middle of the fairway. How hard was it to write the rules around what audio files get pulled in what situation? I know a few developers who could do a great job of this for you if you’re interested.

Player Customization:

Have you guys played the old Tiger Woods games? You know like to 2010 one or 2011? before the “problems” he had? I only ask because in the Rory game you took about 15 steps back in player customization. In those games I could change the character attributes and make a pretty good facsimile of myself (for good or bad) which led me to feel more connected to the player and enjoy the gameplay more. In this game I get maybe 10 options, and for body type I get two; tall and muscular or short and fat. I’m neither, what are you trying to say? (I opted for short and fat since that’s a little closer to reality). Why on earth would you release a product that sub-standard when compared to your previous iterations? $$$$ right? You can tell the truth I won’t mind, you wanted this game out and in development world there’s only three variable; time, money and features. You shortened the time and features so you could get more money out of it. Meanwhile idiots like myself are left holding the bag because we believed.

Look, I’m not asking for the world here. I’m asking for a reasonably good product to be put out. What you sold me is at best a beta and I would have been happy to play it for free and give you this feedback.

Dragon Age 2 – the year late review

Let me start by saying I realize that this game came out in March of this year and it’s now the end of December and I’m barely getting around to reviewing it but, I live in San Diego where I get to play a lot of golf, so playing this had to wait. Frankly, I could play golf now but the deal with the wife is golf, fantasy football and games, only 2 out of 3 at a time.

Now that I’ve lost my fantasy season I’ve picked up the controller again and am re-discovering how much I love video games. I also am rediscovering fantasy worlds and DA2 is definitely helping there. So let’s get some details on the books yeah?

Dragon Age 2 is a story following a magician named Hawke over about a decade of time. He gets embroiled in various plots surrounding a place called Kirkwall after leaving his native home to escape an evil blight. Think Game of Thrones meets Magician Master.

Overall look: What an impressively designed game. You can tell BioWare put a lot of thought into the art. Though I will say that at this point the maps are starting to get a bit repetitive. It seems to me like they opted for less maps with a higher level of design than the other way around. I’m o.k. with it, but to be fair it’s something that sticks out a bit.

Story: I keep asking myself how they could possibly have thought up, and created cut scenes, for all this dialog. The story works sort of like a choose your own adventure book where depending on what you say and choose different things happen. You get this feeling that you’d get tired of reading it different ways before they ran out of custom story. It’s a great tale without glaring plot holes. Though, there is this strange sexual sub-theme that pops up a lot that I’m not quite understanding. You can sometimes select to flirt with different characters and it does range into the bi-curious world. The game is rated MA so it’s not like they’re trying to get sneaky but it does feel weird at times.

Gameplay: The fighting setup and execution is superb. You really get a great balance between hacking and slashing and strategy. I’ve fought battles over and over trying to figure out what the best method of attack is. I’ve found in some it’s taking the right terrain, in others it’s the right magic and a lot more still it’s going in there and slashing everything to bits. Excellent execution here.

Overall Pros: Great story. Above average character development. Killer gameplay.

Overall Cons: A lot of walking around and reading can distract from the story at times. Weird flirty sexy out of place thing going on. Same 15 or so maps over and over.

My take: I’m playing it over everything else I’ve got right now. This game is worth buying. 7/10.