In 2012 there has been more change than a CoinStar machine sees


Wow, 2012 has been a year full of surprises and changes. I honestly can’t imagine any more happening. Most of the way through November and so far this year I’ve turned 30, gotten divorced, lost some friends in the divorce, met somebody new, learned who my real friends are, refinanced my house, refinanced my car, […]

How to get the most out of your Google searches

Getting the most out of your Google searches

This infographic is absolutely amazing. Learn everything you need to know about Google, especially if you’re a student. There really isn’t more I can say about it. Please check it out, print it, do whatever you need. Pin it to the wall!! I have to tell you, it’s honestly hard to find content this good […]

Fiverr, how five bucks got me a very scary new stalker

My new secret stalker

Meet my new stalker, he’s very scary and the video below proves it. How did he learn about my blog? How did he learn so much about me? In this incredibly disturbing video I come to find out that this person, who supposedly fell in love with me through Facebook then Googled me and knows […]

I’m on Pinterest, it’s cool, but what now?


I’m on Pinterest now and I’m very fond of it. It’s a great way for me to show off the things I’m into and finding out what everyone else likes. Buuuuuut, there are a couple things that I wish were different. For instance, it’s ALL ladies!! Don’t get me wrong ladies, you’re awesome and I […]

Having Fun With QR Codes


It’s amazing what “new” technologies can do in the right hand. I put new in quotes there because the technology we’re talking about today, QR codes, was invented by Toyota in 1994. However, since the invention of these fascinating little images we have found tons of fun ways to use them. So, what exactly are […]

I spent six hours cleaning up my Facebook timeline, should you?


At first I thought that switching to timeline would be a fun activity and a cool new way for my friends to see my profile. I couldn’t have been more wrong about the “fun” part. Let me take a few steps back actually. I recently decided that I was going to live by my own […]

What is SOPA and PIPA, the law causing an internet blackout today and what does it mean to you?

SOPA and PIPA reality infographic

Your favorite websites could be ripped from the internet for something you did. That’s the plain and simple explanation of what you see being protested on the internet today. If you edited a Wikipedia page about China and posted an image the Chinese government found not to their liking they now have a powerful, too […]

Firefox 4 Review – It rocks my world


Have you had a chance to check out Firefox 4 yet. If you haven’t please press pause on the YouTube window you have open (yes I can see your screen… spooky) and go get it immediately. It’s o.k. I’ll wait.. oh, a link would help: Download Firefox 4. Looks: Is it just me or is […]

The Japanese Tsunami Victims Can Thank You Google for the Crisis Response Center


It’s mind blowing when stuff like this happens. I woke up today, walked my dogs, and the second I get in the door my wife says “did you hear, an 8.9 earthquake hit Japan and a tsunami wrecked pretty much the whole north east coast.” No, I hadn’t heard but I immediately jumped on the […]