iPhone App Fail: My beef with Pinger

Pinger attacked my phone

I normally don’t get too upset by things like SPAM or phone calls from survey companies. It’s their job, without that info it would be hard to get people what they want, and to keep business moving. As long things are executed in accordance to the rules, and there’s a bit of that unspoken respect […]

Words With Friends – Better Than Angry Birds


I know, I know, how dare I go throwing around subjective ideas like “Words With Friends is better than Angry Birds.” Well, I’m sorry but for me, it is. But, that’s not the point of this post. I want to tell you about Words With Friend (from Zynga) and what I like about it. Availability: […]

Microsoft hits an iPhone app grand slam with Photosynth


Great apps can come from anywhere. Thought  I do find it ironic that one of my favorite photography apps for the iPhone comes from competitor Microsoft. Photosynth is an application for your phone or PC that puts multiple images together into one larger image. The cool part, the thing that really WOWED me was how it […]