Fiverr, how five bucks got me a very scary new stalker

My new secret stalkerMeet my new stalker, he’s very scary and the video below proves it. How did he learn about my blog? How did he learn so much about me?

In this incredibly disturbing video I come to find out that this person, who supposedly fell in love with me through Facebook then Googled me and knows this blog exists, knows my home address and has plans to visit me…. TONIGHT!

The answer to how this malevolent creep got my information (he actually does name my blog and street) is that it was sent to him by my buddy Adam.

Adam really did get this video done for $5. On a new website called Fiverr ( that puts people willing to perform various “gigs” for $4 together with people willing to pay $5 for said gigs. Fiverr then takes the extra dollar and everybody wins. Cool right?

Here are some of my favorites, do you have any?

I will write and sing a song for you for $5

I will call anyone you want and give them a hilarious reading from Vinnie the Statin Island Psychic

I will create a Tim Burton inspired portrait of you or anyone you know for $5





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