Firefox 4 Review – It rocks my world

Firefox 4 Own You Have you had a chance to check out Firefox 4 yet. If you haven’t please press pause on the YouTube window you have open (yes I can see your screen… spooky) and go get it immediately. It’s o.k. I’ll wait.. oh, a link would help: Download Firefox 4.

Looks: Is it just me or is this one nice looking interface? Honestly if Firefox 4 was a guy he’d be on the cover of GQ. If Firefox 4 was a girl you’d be following her on twitter.. let’s just say it’s got it going on..

Is it faster? I’m not nerdy enough to load up laptops with every variable the same and different version of FF but anecdotally I can tell you that yes, it’s a BMW M3 compared to the beat up 325i you used to get your first handy at prom (was that just me?).

Does it work well? Well, let me put it this way, I didn’t use Chrome for months after it came out because the Add-On that I live and die by (Roboform) didn’t work. I decided since it works in I.E. and Chrome I’d upgrade to Firefox 4 anyway (Yes, I regularly use all three browsers, and Rockmelt too when I feel like complaining about something). It worked guys, right out of the proverbial box. Roboforms, Firebug, Aerofox, all of it….

Final Verdict: 9 out of 10 (and other browsers all now get deducted 1 point for not being as great)

Thanks Firefox team.. seriously you should all go support them in any way you can.

And if you’re a lady and you stumbled across this entry don’t worry I have something for you too. Not only is Firefox now the best browser HANDS DOWN but you get to watch cute little cuddly Fox cubs play around in their den supported by the team.

Watch the Firefox Live FoxCam