Words With Friends – Better Than Angry Birds

I know, I know, how dare I go throwing around subjective ideas like “Words With Friends is better than Angry Birds.” Well, I’m sorry but for me, it is. But, that’s not the point of this post. I want to tell you about Words With Friend (from Zynga) and what I like about it.

Availability: This is one of my favorite things about Words. Today I connected my iPad and my Facebook (right from within the apps interface) to my one Words account. Meaning that I can keep the game going between my iPhone, iPad and web browser, the same games, against the same people. I currently have seven games active.  There is also an Android version so now everyone should have the ability to play this game.

Cost: It’s free, well sort of. I hate ads so I had to pay (on all the platforms) for an ad free version. But it’s their right to have ads and when I played with them it wasn’t a deal breaker.

Fun Factor: If you’re competitive then this is the game for you. As long as nobody cheats it’s a constant battle of wit and will. I’m not doing so well in this round but I’ve had some amazing doozies. There’s a reason Scrable (the game this “borrows” from) is so popular. Everyone wants to know if they’re smarter than their friends. It’s not entirely about knowing the dictionary either, there is a lot of strategy in being defensive, avoiding getting near bonus squares, and holding back letters you know are crucial.

I am extremely judgmental when it comes to games. For me to even bother wasting the memory space there has to be significant value for me. This game delivers, to an addictive level. Well done Zynga, I give you a 9.7/10.


I spent six hours cleaning up my Facebook timeline, should you?

Facebook Timeline, the all stories setting

This was when I realized how long it would take to clean up

At first I thought that switching to timeline would be a fun activity and a cool new way for my friends to see my profile. I couldn’t have been more wrong about the “fun” part.

Let me take a few steps back actually. I recently decided that I was going to live by my own advice, whatever you put on the internet you should assume is public to everyone (at least as it pertains to social media). So I’ve made all my profiles public, visible to all, and I’m being as transparent as possible. After all, I’ve got nothing to hide.

Well, that wasn’t exactly true. Once I switched to timeline I started playing around with it and realized that it’s possible for somebody to see every single post I made since I joined Facebook (only a few months after the site was created). That was a problem because Andy from 2007 is a much different Andy that the one from 2012. Nothing was worthy of being fired for or anything like that but still, it wasn’t the foot I wanted to put forward.

So I began reviewing all posts, month, by painstaking month. I started doubting whether it was even necessary to do this, after all how many people are going to go over my entire timeline with a fine toothed comb? The answer is simple, any future employers. See this NYTimes article to prove it: Social Media History Becomes a New Job Hurdle. You can see from the article that employers are using what you post as a decision point, and why shouldn’t they. So if you are in high school, or the parent of a young future president that is active in social media. Remember to clean up that history, or better yet, don’t post anything you wouldn’t want your future (or current) boss to find.

Have you had any timeline horror stories?