The NAO robot is amazing, and a great preview of future toys

So, if you haven’t seen the NAO robot before prepared to be amazed. I should point out that this amazing little creature is only available to labs and educational type places because it’s still being perfected. But when you see this if you’re anything like me you know you want one NOW! (get it, NOW not NAO.. I kill myself)

It’s amazing to think that a robot can be trained to recognize voice commands, faces, instructions and be capable of learning new things. Honestly I think the price tag is great and the fact that the OS is open source means that in a few years the amazing developer core that is out there will have hacked together thousands of new improvements for this little guy.

I thought I’d put together a list of things I’d like to see this guy perform.

  • Helping kids learn: NAO can probably recognize more objects than most 1 year olds. So imagine pairing one up with your kid to help him learn language skills. Every time the baby picks up an item NAO can let him/her know what it’s called.
  • Helping the blind: Why not right? NAO could help blind people locate things in the house by telling you roughly where they are using 3d space coordinates you’ve programmed for you house.
  • Assisting the disabled: “NAO, can you please hand me the remote control” “sure Andy”.. every step we can take to creating tools that make life easier for the disabled is a step in the right direction.
  • Mine field clearing: yes, I know as is the NAO probably isn’t the best equipment but with such a low price tag we could try releasing thousands of these into Cambodia in hopes that we can clear mines and protect children.

I’m very excited for this project to move forward and to see what it does in another 3-5 years. Thanks to Alderban Robotics for such a fantastic innovation (