Why Fantasy Football is fun for the whole family

I’ll admit it, I’m a very competitive person. I love competing, I love watching competition, I enjoy winning and losing. This is why the whole concept of Fantasy Football attracted me. I watched some football but often struggled with the boring games between an 0-13 (zero wins and thirteen losses) Rams and a 13-0 (thirteen wins and zero losses) Packers. Snooooore right?

Now almost every game has something in it for me. It could mean the difference between beating my wife this week or getting trounced at yet another thing. All this while getting an education in statistics, NFL contract debates, weather patterns, rehabilitation cycles for injuries and much more… Let me put that last bit another way, let’s say you’ve got a 10 year old son and you’d like him to get a little more into math. What if you and the family started a fantasy league where each player gets points for a myriad of actions like 0.13 points for a run that is less than 10 yards. Now you and your son can work together to figure out the likelihood that will happen per player, argue about the finer points of which player is better, and enjoy family time while you’re at it.

I’m serious, fantasy sports can be a whole new bonding experience for families. It uses math, technology, psychology, sociology, all the major food groups for young student. In a way that won’t make them feel like they’re doing homework.

The best part, Yahoo fantasy football is 100% completely free. I started a league this year to tech my wife and all the other wonderful women in my life how to play and ended up in last place. I’m sure they’ll never let me forget it. But it was a blast. Give it a shot, and you finally won’t feel like spending all Sunday in front of the TV is a waste of time.