What is SOPA and PIPA, the law causing an internet blackout today and what does it mean to you?

SOPA and PIPA reality infographic

Click for full size infographic explaining SOPA and PIPA

Your favorite websites could be ripped from the internet for something you did. That’s the plain and simple explanation of what you see being protested on the internet today. If you edited a Wikipedia page about China and posted an image the Chinese government found not to their liking they now have a powerful, too powerful, method to fight back. Get Wikipedia removed from the internet all together. I’ll be honest, that’s a doomsday scenario. I’m sure that our government wouldn’t rip Wikipedia down just because of an image. But the reality is that hundreds, thousands, of your favorite websites are at risk, simply because of how they operate.

Video sharing sites, photo sharing sites, any website where consumers can choose what to post are at risk for DNS blocking if they are deemed to not do enough to fight copyright infringement.

Why is this such a big issue? Because it’s a step in a direction that is fundamentally wrong for this country. We would be using the exact same tactics employed by China, Iran and Syria to censor information on the internet. It’s a step towards agreeing that something that was born of the very freedom we enjoy, the internet, should no longer be free.

I am not saying copyright owners should lose their rights on the net. The reality is that piracy is rampant and there is way too much abuse of copyrights in public channels. We all know it, we’ve all tried to view an NFL game that was blacked out (well, most of us anyway), we’ve all watched a video from something we saw on TV that had been illegally recorded and maybe we didn’t even know it. So let’s own up to that reality, agree to consume less piracy, but lets SCREAM OUT against this “nuclear option.”

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